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Gena Suarez
Member since 02/2018
Back in 2001, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine was a black-and-white newsletter published by Paul and Gena Suarez. Over the years, God has increased the company and allowed the publication to develop into an interactive-digital and print magazine found in stores nationwide (and in Canada), created and supported by a large team of staff members who work from their homes all over the United States and Canada. Today it is considered the trade magazine for homeschool moms.

My Mission Statement

To encourage Christian parents to strongly consider homeschooling and once on board, to stay the course, to remain faithful to the call. That the Lord has set us on this path, and He is faithful to complete the good work He has begun in us!



Hey Mama

Whoa, Mama, slow down there. It's all good. Did you forget that God Himself orders your day? That's right; He has you scheduled - you're just supposed to rest and walk confidently in Him. Think about it. He ORDERS our day. He is in control of every second of it. The work will get done when it gets done. The house will get cleaned when it gets cleaned. Nothing is a surprise to God. He has you right where He wants you, in the palm of His hand (which is on your head today). Just walk. Place your eyes on the One from whom your help comes. He has a plan for your children, the perfect path for you, too, Mama, and He is FAITHFUL to complete His work. You are so safe! ...for we walk by faith, not by sight. - 2 Cor. 5:7