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Lee Binz
Member since 06/2009
Lee Binz is The HomeScholar, www.HomeHighSchoolHelp.com. Her mission is “helping parents homeschool high school.” Lee and her husband Matt homeschooled their two boys, Kevin and Alex, from elementary through high school. Upon their graduation, both boys received four-year, full tuition scholarships from their first choice university. This enables Lee to pursue her dream job - encouraging parents to homeschool their children through high school.

Her free resource guide, “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School,” (https://www.homehighschoolhelp.com/5-mistakes-resource-guide) is a great introduction to high school essentials.

Her free one hour in-depth training, "Credits and Grades and Transcripts, OH MY!!" will teach you how to give homeschool credit, grades and records. (https://homehighschoolhelp.com/a-homeschooling-parents-guide-to-grades-credits-and-transcripts)  It is everything you need to know on this critical homeschool high school topic.

Her free homeschool newsletter provides monthly encouragement and support. (https://www.homehighschoolhelp.com/homeschool-newsletter) Her free homeschool ebook, "7 Secrets to Homeschooling Through a Financial Storm", will help you save money homeschooling.  (https://www.homehighschoolhelp.com/Homeschooling-Through-a-Financial-Storm)

Her Total Transcript Solution teaches parents how to create homeschool transcripts for every homeschool style. (http://www.totaltranscriptsolution.com/)

Lee's Comprehensive Record Solution provides everything you need to create amazing homeschool records that will amaze the colleges! (http://comprehensiverecordsolution.com/)

Her High School Solution will help you pull together a comprehensive plan to homeschool middle school and high school with an eye toward college and career (http://www.highschoolsolution.com)

You can get a daily dose of high school help at her homeschool blog, The HomeScholar Helper, recently voted as the "best homeschool business blog." (https://www.homehighschoolhelp.com/blog-posts)

You can get personalized help and support by joining my Gold Care Club (https://www.homehighschoolhelp.com/gold-care-club)

I have written extensively on homeschooling high school and my books can be found on Amazon. (amazon.com/author/leebinz)

For help, please email Lee@HomeHighSchoolHelp.com

My Mission Statement

I help parents homeschool high school. I have a three core beliefs about homeschooling that drive my business:

1. I believe that homeschooling provides the best possible learning environment.
2. I believe that every child deserves a college-prep education, whether or not they choose to go to college.
3. I believe that parents are capable of providing a superior education to their children.

I am not a certified teacher. I do not judge your homeschool or evaluate your children. I am just an experienced homeschool mom who has been where you are and lived to tell about it! I have the knowledge you need to succeed in homeschooling high school and beyond! Call me (1-888-LEE-2HELP) and let's talk about how I can help you!


Travel expenses, hotel if needed. Honorarium negotiable.

Past Engagements/Seminars

"AFHE Conference" Phoenix, AZ - 7/2017

"Washington Homeschool Organization Convention" Puyallup, WA - 6/2017

"OCEANetwork Homeschool Conference" Portland, OR - 7/2016

"ICHE Conference" Naperville, IL - 6/2016

"TPA Homeschool Conference" Wichita, KS - 4/2016

"OCEANetwork Homeschool Conference" Portland, OR - 7/2015

"Washington Homeschool Organization Convention" Puyallup, WA - 6/2015

"Valley Home Educators Conference" Modesto, CA - 7/2014

"Washington Homeschool Organization Convention" Puyallup, WA - 6/2014

"HEAV Conference" Richmond, VA - 6/2014

"INCH Homeschool Conference" Lansing, MI - 5/2014

"Greater Greater St. Louis Homeschool Convention" St. Louis - 3/2014

"Amarillo Christian Homeschoolers" Amarillo, TX - 8/2012

"Washington Homeschool Organization" Puyallup, WA - 6/2011

"OCEANetwork Conference" Portland OR - 6/2011

"The Woman to Woman Show" Portland, OR - 6/2011

"Ultimate Schoolhouse Expo" Virtual - 5/2011

"The Homeschooling Buzz with Gerald McKoy" The Homeschool Netcast - 5/2011

"Midwest Homeschool Convention" Cincinnati, OH - 3/2011

"Heart of the Matter" Online Conference - 8/2010

"Midwest Homeschool Convention" Cincinnati, OH - 4/2010

"Washington Homeschool Organization Convention" Puyallup, WA - 6/2009

"OCEANetwork Conference" Portland OR - 6/2009

"Clark County Home Educators" Clark County, WA - 2/2009

"Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair" Bothell, WA - 10/2008

"WATCH Conference" Seattle, WA - 8/2008

"Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair" Bothell, WA - 10/2007


"What's Next?" Options After Homeschool High School

This presentation will help you plan your course of action after high school. You will learn about: * CLEP * Community College * Online classes * Working * Regular college * College Plus * Gap Year Get prepared to discuss the post high school options with your high school student.

Christian Homeschool Success in High School

What does the Bible say about homeschooling? How can Christians draw on their faith to succeed in high school? How should Christians conduct their homeschool if they are thinking about college? In this talk, Lee discusses all these questions as well as covers all the homeschool high school basics. Learn to prepare and not panic about high school. You are your child's best teacher, even for the tough high school subjects.

College Admissions and Scholarships

College Admission and Scholarships provides a wealth of wisdom to help parents and students to succeed in the college sweepstakes. This class is based on strategies I used to gain full-tuition scholarships for my own children, but also lessons learned from years of working with colleges and other homeschoolers. My goal is to blend humor with reality, to reduce your stress, give you confidence and inspire action. You will learn great ideas for achieving college admission and winning great scholarships! Learn about preparing for college, finding a college, applying to college, getting scholarships, facing reality, and finding resources.

College Scholarships for High School Credit

Find - Filter - Format - Follow through - File How to find private scholarships and filter out the scholarships that won't help you. Learn to format them into an easy-to-use notebook. Hear tips that will encourage your student to follow through with the applications. I'll teach you how to file them into your homeschool transcript. You'll learn the benefits of winning AND non-winning applications, and I'll provide tips on other ways to afford college.

Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child

In this class, I'll show you how to create a homeschool transcript for gifted children, and struggling learners, artistically inclined or mathematically geeky, unschooled or bookish. We'll look at many scenarios to learn general strategies that make your child look great on this important piece of paper. I'll show you how to communicate your child's strengths and accomplishments on their transcript, so that colleges will appreciate that uniqueness. Don't have to change your homeschool to fit the 'college box.' Instead, create a unique transcript for your child, and it will help them stand out in the crowd of college applicants!

Finding a College

How to search for a college with college fairs, college tests, and internet searches. Why you should visit a college, and what you are looking for. Using college visits to improve your application essay. What are the basics of writing college application essays?

Finding Curriculum that's Effective and Fun!

Do you have a "Curriculum Hall of Shame?" You know, it's on the bookshelf hidden in the corner that chronicles every half-baked idea and ill-conceived plan. Ours was filled with fashionable failures, multi-volume mismatches, stylish full-color textbooks, and loathsome lesson plans. What if I told you there was a way to avoid all these misadventures? A way to ensure that each curriculum choice you make and every dollar you invest will bring a fruitful return? Well, I won't tell you that, because that would be a HUGE lie. But I can tell you that there are ways to minimize your risks and maximize your chances for successful results. This webinar will show you how to avoid the most common traps of choosing crummy curriculum.

Freshman and Sophomore Year: Starting Strong on Your High School Journey

Here we go! It's really starting! Your homeschool high school journey has begun! This class will provide all the help you need to feel comfortable and confident as you begin to homeschool through high school. You will learn, step-by-step, what you need to cover in those first two years, and what tasks the student and parent must complete along the way. We will talk about the important records you need to work on, and how to plan ahead for college admission and scholarships. During Freshman and Sophomore year, there is nothing you can do that will make you really "behind" so it's no time to panic. It doesn't have to be scary or overwhelming. You can do it! Start strong so you can stay strong!

Getting the BIG Scholarships

Colleges as a business: aim low. SAT preparation, plan a rigorous curriculum, documentation from outside sources, finding a college that loves you, specialization and recommendation letters, application essay tips, going “over the top” with record keeping.

Getting the Most Out of Your Homeschool this Summer

Do you homeschool during the summer? I know our family always tried to take a "serious break" during the summer months. Still, there was some educational stuff we still did. This presentation will give you ideas on what options you have available for your homeschool this summer. We will cover: * Daily review topics * Delight directed learning * Capturing credits * Homeschooling college * Planning ahead for college applications * Transcripts * Course descriptions * Application essays

Gifted Education

Homeschooling is a challenge, especially when students are academically gifted. Lee discusses the challenges of homeschooling gifted children, elementary through high school. You will learn strategies that will help you plan, as you balance their social and academic needs. Don't be afraid to homeschool your gifted children, as they will thrive in the freedom that only homeschooling can provide!

Grades and Credits

This course will answer the common homeschool lament, "How can I give grades when I don't give tests?" Learn how you are already evaluating your children, and how you can translate that information into words and numbers colleges understand. You will learn "grouch-free" ways to determine high school grades, and find freedom in grading criteria and grading scales. Come and learn the many ways of determining high school credits and discover how to make mommy-grades and kitchen credits easy for colleges to understand!

High School English in Plain English

Feeling stressed out by English? So was I! There is so much to teach and so little time, and every expert has their own opinion on which skills are critically important. Let me explain high school English is plain English for you! I will explain what makes a high school English credit, and how to put it on your homeschool transcript. You will learn what to teach, what is required for high school, and what is necessary for college admission and success. You'll learn how to determine your own high school credit, and how to calculate an honest grade for your transcript. You will find out which English skills are important and why. For parents of advanced students or struggling learners, I'll explain everything in simple, concrete terms. It's going to be lots of fun, and you'll enjoy the low-stress, friendly presentation.

High School Planning: Your Goals This Year

You have only one goal per year in the four years of high school, and each goal has discrete, manageable tasks that you can complete one at a time. When you strip away all the fluff and meringue, it's not very scary at all. Let me teach you what you need to do each year of high school, so you can put it on your calendar now. This class will provide very concrete information that you can put into effect NOW and feel confident you are getting your school year off to a great start!

High School Record Keeping

In this course you will learn four record keeping strategies, and the strengths and weaknesses of each method. Learn what to keep, and why to keep it. Discover what you can DO with your homeschool records, from making a transcript, to creating a reading list, and writing course descriptions. Learn how record keeping can save you time, money, and frustration when you are preparing your child for college admission.

High School Testing

High school level tests: SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, PLAN, SAT II. College level tests: CLEP, AP (Compass if there is time.) The emphasis is on the advantages of homeschooling in high school tests.

Homeschool High School Excellence

The secrets of homeschool success in high school explained! Drawing from her experience in raising two “home scholars,” Lee will demonstrate why you don’t need to be afraid to homeschool high school, and the keys you will need to ensure success. Learn how prepare your child for college with academics, admission tests, and extra-curricular activities, while emphasizing their unique specialization. You will learn how to prepare your students for college admissions and academics so you are ready, no matter what life or the colleges throw at you!

Homeschool High School for Excellence

The secrets of homeschool success explained! How to plan a rigorous curriculum, keep high school records, emphasize specialization, prepare for college admission exams, make a transcript, and document learning from outside sources. Planning for college should begin in middle school. You will receive a handy one-page Planning Guide to take home!

Homeschooling College

Why homeschool college, the pros and cons of community college, CLEP exams, and AP exams.

Homeschooling is a Gift

Not EVERY homeschool day feels like a gift! When the laundry is piling up, the baby is crying, or a child is having a fit over their math lesson, it's easy to forget the reasons you love to homeschool. But there are so many moments that are precious gifts. Our children aren't perfect, and our homes aren't always blissful, but sometimes we just need a reminder that homeschooling is truly a GIFT, especially at this time of year when we might be suffering from cabin fever or homeschool burnout! Join me to discuss the gifts homeschooling brings to our children, our families, and others! Be refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your homeschool year with a passion! Let's count the gifts that homeschooling provides. How much do we love homeschooling? How much SHOULD we love homeschooling? Let's count the ways!

How to Afford Christian College

Learn the concrete strategies that will help you afford a Christian college. Learn Biblical principles and promises related to the cost of college. Learn to "seek first the Kingdom" - and then seek a Christian college. You will learn where to look for scholarships, both big and small. Find out how you can save money feel confident as you look at the cost of college. Miracles happen every day, they can happen for you, too!

Making a Transcript

Record Keeping, why make a transcript, determining high school credit, what to include, naming courses, assigning grades, general suggestions on how to make a transcript, advantages of a homeschool transcript. How you write course descriptions or a comprehensive course records.

Making the Grades

Those of you who know me will recognize that I'm not a big fan of tests, and I prefer to estimate grades without complicated systems. But I recognize that many homeschool moms would like some definitive help to create grades the right way. I'm going to attempt to give you both the freedom to avoid tests and the confidence to grade with tests so that you will feel confident with either choice you make.

Planning High School Courses

Plan your high school courses so you are prepared for anything! This presentation will explain what core classes to cover every year, and what classes are required for college graduation. Learn how to plan for English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and electives like Religion, Technology, Occupational Education, or delight-directed learning. We will discuss how to get the core classes covered within four years, and ideas for planning your homeschool week. You will use what you know about your students and their learning styles and consider the subjects that colleges want to see.

Preparing to Homeschool High School

Do not be afraid, subjects and materials, planning lessons, how to assign grades, record keeping, high school tests, socialization and specialization, independent homeschooling, plan to succeed in college. 3 hours.

Record Keeping

In this course you will learn four record keeping strategies that homeschoolers can choose, and the strengths and weaknesses of each method. . You'll learn what things you need to keep, and why you should keep them. You'll find out what you can DO with records one you keep them; make a transcript, a reading list, and course descriptions. It provides an overview on how to write course descriptions.

Senior Year Simplified: Step by Step Instructions for Busy Homeschool Parents

Don't let senior year sneak up on you! Take control of the situation! This class will provide all the information you need to feel comfortable and confident as you homeschool through this final year of high school. You will learn about the tests, forms and procedures in an easy-to-digest, step-by-step way. We will talk about tasks that the student and the parent must complete along the way. You will learn about college application forms, and applications essays. We will discuss deadlines, submitting your records and transcripts, and securing scholarships. The best time to learn this information is when you aren't under pressure, so I encourage parents of freshmen to learn along with us. Whether you are behind the 8-ball late in senior year, or planning ahead for the coming decade, this class will help you put senior year in context, so it's not scary or overwhelming. You can do it! You are the BEST guidance counselor your child could have! Let me just give you the information you need to move forward with confidence.

The "One Hour Transcript" Workshop

Get a rough draft of your high school transcript completed within an hour! This is a fast-moving class, so make sure you have paper and pencil handy! For best results, you should already know a little bit about grades and credits, so it's best to take this after the "Making a Transcript" or "Grades and Credits" class. Parents of junior high children will enjoy the practice, and parents of high school students will get a great start on their transcript. I will only ask you questions that you can answer!

The Best High School Guidance Counselor

Learn what a guidance counselor does - and why parents are the best high school guidance counselors. Learn to educate with flexibility, plan classes, arrange tests, find a college, and guide the college application process. Find out the key ingredient that will ensure your success. Determine the steps that will help you achieve the four tasks of high school; think about college, prepare for college, find a college, and apply to college. Receive a handy one-page handout that you can use every year to evaluate your progress and assist your advising.

Turning Transcripts into Course Descriptions

In this presentation, I'll spend some time discussing transcripts and incorporating delight-directed learning. Then I'll show you how to quickly convert your transcript into a list of course descriptions. We will have plenty of time for questions, so you can ask questions about your own transcript!


Coffee Break Books

My Coffee Break Book series is designed especially for parents who don’t want to spend hours and hours reading a 400-page book on homeschooling high school, each book combines Lee's practical and friendly approach with detailed, but easy-to-digest information, perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop! Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable, each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time. Find all of Lee's books on her Amazon author page (amazon.com/author/leebinz)

CreateSpace 2017

The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships: Homeschool Secrets to Getting Ready, Getting In and Getting Paid

There’s nothing more stressful to parents than college admission and scholarships. Many parents question whether it’s even possible to find a college that is satisfying to both parent and child, a college that will love their student and offer them scholarships to attend. “The HomeScholar Guide to College Admission and Scholarships” puts these concerns soundly to rest. Author Lee Binz shares the principles she followed to help her own students achieve admission and full tuition scholarships to their first-choice universities. Find all of Lee's books on her Amazon author page (amazon.com/author/leebinz)


Setting The Records Straight: How to Craft Homeschool Transcripts and Course Descriptions for College Admission and Scholarships

Give Your Homeschooler the Advantage in the High Stakes College Admission Sweepstakes! Parents who consider homeschooling their children through high school are often consumed by insecurity - "Are we ruining their college chances?" Well, worry no more! When it comes to college admissions and scholarships, homeschoolers have what the colleges are looking for! Find all of Lee's books on her Amazon author page (amazon.com/author/leebinz)

CreateSpace 2010

What is a Real Homeschool Transcript?

Your home made homeschool transcript may not be accredited, but it can be all you need to gain admission to colleges.

Bizymoms.com 2009

Nightmare on Math Street?

Do you dream about geometric proofs? Do you love solving complex equations in your head while going about your household chores? Do you get giddy at the thought of integrals and derivatives?

Bizymoms.com 2009

What About College?

It's a common question, often posed by skeptical friends and family. When homeschooling high school, the question "what about college?" becomes more pressing. Intuitively, parents know that if they attempt to homeschool high school – and somehow fail – there will be nobody to blame but themselves.

Bizymoms.com 2009

Nutty Homeschool Parents

After this year’s National Spelling Bee, someone asked me, “What kind of a crazy parent has their child spell nutty words all day?” The great kind of parent! The kind of parent that allows their child to follow their interests, EVEN when it involves spelling nutty words all day!

Bizymoms.com 2009

Facing the Crossroads

Every parent eventually faces the decision on whether to continue homeschooling through high school, or put their child back in a classroom setting. Understand the significance of this choice in this article from Lee.

Heart of the Matter Online 2009

Why Homeschoolers Don't Fail

Homeschooling can succeed if you keep these three principles in mind: Focus on mastery, keep school challenging, but not overwhelming and do what works. If you keep moving forward in these three areas, you CAN homeschool your child successfully.

Heart of the Matter Online 2009

Only Actual Teachers Should Read This

Lee explains why parents are the best possible teachers for their children.

Heart of the Matter Online 2009

Letting Go of Teaching

In this article, I discuss how learning is far superior to teaching and how the ability to teach themselves is a critical skill for high school students.

Heart of the Matter Online 2009

College Admission and Planning

For some women, it comes on suddenly. At two in the morning you snap awake in a cold sweat, heart racing, gasping for breath with every muscle tensed. You wonder, "Is this The Change?" "No," you tell yourself, "I'm only 40." When you finally come to your senses, you are able to verbalize the true source of your panic. Sitting up straight in bed, you seize your husband's shoulders and scream, "But what about COLLEGE!?"

Heart of the Matter Online 2009

Homeschool High School - Preparation for Life

In this article, I discuss why homeschooling high school is the best preparation you can give your children for college and for life.

The Link 2008

Rigor, Relevance and Relationships

Lee discusses the importance of keeping rigor, relevance and relationships in balance in your homeschool.

Heart of the Matter 2008

Raising Boys vs. Raising Men

with Matt Binz

Husband Matt discusses how parents need a different approach to raising teenage boys than what worked when they were younger.

Heart of the Matter Online 2008

Let's Go On a College Safari

Lee talks about how to go about maximizing your college visit and how to use what you learn during the application process.

Heart of the Matter Online 2008

Planning High School Courses

Lee discusses what colleges are looking for in a "college-prep education."

Heart of the Matter Online 2008

How Did That Happen?

Lee tells the story of how her boys won two full-tuition scholarships from their first-choice university.

Heart of the Matter Online 2008

Learning With Reckless Abandon

Lee talks about the joys of homeschooling independently through high school.

The Link 2008

Tubbies, Cubbies and Binder Queens

Lee discusses three very different methods for homeschool record keeping in high school.

The Link 2007