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Alan Scholl
Member since 03/2012
Mr. Alan J. Scholl and his wife Doreen have homeschooled seven children for over 28 years. Alan is Executive Director of The FreedomProject, and Vice President of American Opinion Foundation, sponsors of Freedom Project Education & Media.

Alan has been involved in youth education for more than 30 years. A homeschooling father with five homeschool high school graduates, he now has seven homeschooled grandchildren as well.

Alan has been endorsed as a speaker by more than 220 other professionals on the "Linked-In," professional networking site. He has served as Keynote speaker for 54 week-long youth education camps. He has been a featured speaker for hundreds of homeschool, education, and conservative gatherings, conventions, and conferences and has conducted many seminars on American Heritage, Home Education, U.S. History, Economics, Constitutional Government, and Time Management, among other topics.

Prior to the launch of the rapidly growing FreedomProject Education online school, Alan served as Chief Operations Officer and then Director of Mission and Campaigns for The John Birch Society, a national constitutionalist organization. In that capacity, he supervised the operations of the national headquarters offices, the publication of a national bi-weekly magazine, a monthly bulletin, research department, and a busy nationwide speakers bureau.

Prior to his work in the conservative activist and non-profit world, Alan’s business experience includes Manager Training Supervisor and Internal Auditor for Patton Vending for five years,  General Manager of World Tool Corp for three years, and Western Division Manager for By-Products Corp/St. Louis Serum Co. for eight years.

He has written frequently for multiple publications, and had a regular column in The New American Magazine, which is read by over 750,000 individuals each month.

Alan has also spoken to many audiences on a wide array of topics nationwide, has appeared on hundreds of radio talk shows and local television stations, as well as being featured on two national speaking tours, the “Children of the State?” tour in 2000, and the “The United Nations and Terrorism” tour in 2001/2002.

A graduate of Yuba College with a degree in Agriculture in 1975, Alan has more recently earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration in 2006, and his MBA in Business Administration in July 2008 at the University of Phoenix.

Alan served as a Deacon and Financial Officer in Fresno, CA , Livermore, CA, and now for 21 years at Grace Baptist Church in Appleton, WI.

Alan and Doreen Scholl were married in 1975, have been blessed with seven children, seven grandchildren, all home-educated, with five high school home school graduates so far. Three have earned college degrees, and two still attend colleges in Texas and Wisconsin.

My Mission Statement

Alan’s mission in life is to teach truth in all areas, and subjects, particularly to impact and to help American youth in capturing the knowledge of their heritage and history, and the blessings of God in the success of the American people, nation, and government.


Honorarium and travel expenses are negotiable depending on venue and purpose.

Past Engagements/Seminars

"23 Featured Talks - see "Presentations" below" Nationwide - 5/2012

"13 Featured Talks -see "Presentations" below" Nationwide - 5/2011

"7 Featured Talks - See "Presentations" below" Nationwide - 4/2010

"American Opinion Speakers Bureau - "Education: A Parental Choice"" Nationwide, 46 stops - 9/2002

"American Opinion Speakers Bureau - "The United Nations and Terrorism" " Nationwide 74 stops - 3/2001

"American Opinion Speakers Bureau - "Children Of The State?"" Nationwide 68 stops - 9/2000


“Character Instruction - A Critical Part of Every Class”

In education, the principles of good character are essential to all disciplines. In three parts, What is Character?, How is Character Developed? and Character through the Disciplines, we teach the fundamentals of character-building within the teaching of subjects from History to Language, Science to Math. Without inculcating character in each subject, the knowledge is vain.

“Discipline: No Place for Anger”

Discipline is not anger, anger is not discipline: Why anger management is a key to discipline and educational excellence, even before formal education begins, and how to discern and exercise both discipline and character training without using or fostering anger.

“Education in Early America”

The materials, methods, sources and flavor of early American education: A Biblical foundation, and a logical conclusion. What WAS the strength of American exceptionalism?

“Educational Choices”

Public Schools, Private Schools, Home Schooling, Vouchers, Tax Credits and School Choice - A confusing array of purported “choices” confront American parents today. What are the REAL choices? What are the consequences and hidden traps in the various avenues promoted so heavily in “conservative” circles, and where do we find faith and truth?

“Fundamental Economics: How DOES One Keep Accurate Accounts?”

A fundamental function of society and life: balancing a checking account, keeping a budget, making plans for financial stability and retirement, what are the building blocks? How do you teach economics and keep kids awake?

“George Washington: A Man of Character”

An examination of what made our First President, and the making of the moral and ethical giant Americans used to learn so much about, and admire so fully. Parental Rights: Parens Patriae - Dangers of Government as Parent.” The dangers and effects of government which begins to act as parent, and the logical extension of this influence into education and society.

“James Wilson - Unsung Hero: God, Law, and American History”

The fascinating historical precedents of one of our nation’s foremost authorities on law, the Bible, government, the Declaration and the Constitution, from the life and words of our first Supreme Court Justice.

“Latin, Greek, Hebrew: Words Have Meaning - Even Those You Can’t Pronounce!”

The value and importance of root words and meanings, the so-called “lost languages” and their place in modern language, literature, and understanding.

“Principles of the Constitution” Series: nine short studies on key areas and principles of the United States Constitution:

A. The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution B. Limiting Government C. The Legislative Branch: Limitations and Powers D. The Executive Branch: Limitations and Powers E. The Judicial Branch: Limitations and Powers F. The Bill of Rights: Amendments 1-5 G. The Bill of Rights: Amendments 6-10 H. Amendments 11-18 I. Amendments 19-27

“Teaching the Relationship Between God and Government”

Why one form of government is Biblically and morally superior to others: The Republic and the rule of law, and the historical ramifications of mob rule. Learn what the Bible teaches about the form and function of government, democracy, and the citizen’s responsibility.

“That Every Man Be Armed: The Second Amendment in the 21st Century”

A popular study of the practical and historical comparisons and statements of our founders, the peoples of Europe, and the differences between the American colonists and their European brothers and sisters in the 16, 17, and 1800’s, and the principles of self defense that remain valid today.

“The Bible As Literature”

The influence of the Bible as literature, it’s influence and impact throughout history and especially in American history. What institutions, customs, laws and practices are really Biblical principles encoded in our law and society?

“The Moral American: An Obligation to Our Founders.”

The key examples of morality in America’s founding era: Based upon series and collections like “Political Sermons of the Founding Era,” we examine the departure from moral absolutes in politics, and society in America and the dire consequences.

“The Stuff of Legend - Teaching Heritage and History Through Heroes”

Catching the imagination and sparking the fuse of interest in history, heritage and literature through connections with heroes and heroines of literature and legend.

“The United Nations: Just, Plain, Wrong”

The historical, political and philosophical roots of the League of Nations, the United Nations, and internationalist politics, based on the people and politics of its promotors. An examination of the impact and intent of adjunct organizations like UNESCO, and UNICEF on parental roles and rights.


“An Answer to the Violence”

As a father of two current college students, and personal friend of a Virginia Tech student the news stopped me in mid-stride and brought a knot to my stomach. The toll mounted, ending with thirty-three human beings dead, another twenty-eight injured, according to an April 20th CNN report. (1). Others in our offices spoke of that same feeling, and many of us began to pray for the victims and loved ones. The controversy over delays in communications and the decisions and actions of the administration and law enforcement may never be resolved. Right or wrong, each decision will be forever magnified by the events that unfolded.

http://nypost.com/postopinion/opedcolumnists/38115.htm 2007 2007

“The Superhighway to Serfdom”

Many of our most powerful national leaders are deliberately dismantling the America that we love. The North American Union (NAU), Agenda 21, The United Nations, and other internationalist threats to our national sovereignty have become a personal and imminent threat to individual Americans, evem as illegal immigration is mushrooming into an economic and social nightmare. Meanwhile, elements of our government, rather than moving to solve these problems have actually helped to create them and are exacerbating them. ....

The Talon 2006

“Stonewall - A Review of John Dwyer's Excellent Book”

A tremendous lesson in faith, duty, honor, and dedication. I urge people to read "Stonewall" by John J. Dwyer. The main four reasons were: (1) This book gave light and encouragement to people to live the sold-out Christian life. Jackson and many of his contemporaries, very notably, Margaret Junkin Preston and her sister, lived as Christians with monumental faith and led exemplary lives,under tremendous strain and sacrifice. (2) The book teaches the difficult lessons of total dedication to Christian manhood, courage, duty, honor, and loyalty, and clarifies the link between faith in Jesus, and the willingness to fight, die, and even kill in times of war for what you believe is right. (3) The book promotes a love of good literature. Junkin's poetic outpourings from the heart, and the wonderfully descriptive language are classical examples. Some may find the book difficult to start. Wade in and become immersed in the style, and you will be hooked, as all of us have become conditioned to 21st Century "sound byte" language. The unabashed love affair of the author and characters with the poetry and prose of Miss Junkin, and the elaborate word-pictures of Jackson, his life, time and surroundings, brings a jaded reader back in touch with some of the "finer things" of being human, Christian, and literate. (4) The book puts life and living in perspective. With all the frailties and uncertainties, and the almost unbroken string of tragedies in Jackson's life, the strong theme of faith's triumph over all is a model for all of us to follow in keeping the straight and narrow path...whatever the consequences. Even among Christians, there is little support for those who choose to stand and fight, and for the citizen-soldier, there are very few examples in this day and age to emulate. This is a great one.

Amazon.com 2000