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Diana Waring
Member since 01/2010
Diana and Bill Waring, married since 1979, have three of the best children in the world (do you still call them children when they are all over 21?), have homeschooled forever, and have a passion for encouraging parents to enjoy their homeschooling/parenting adventure. Her presentations on world history and on learning issues have delighted families in many nations and settings. Diana is well-known for her encouraging, fast-paced and humorous books and CD's on homeschooling and world history. For twenty-eight years she has been a student of the art of home education, learning from her mentors, her children, and her mistakes. Diana brings a level of professional expertise and enthusiasm to invigorate a fresh love of learning. She has been traveling and speaking throughout the U.S., Canada, and recently in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific, to enthusiastic audiences on four continents for the past 20plus years. With transparency, humor, and warmth, she comes to encourage, equip and educate. Please visit www.dianawaring.com

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Past Engagements/Seminars

"100plus conventions" across USA and Canada - 1/2010

"6 National Speaking tours" New Zealand, Australia, UK - 1/2010

"Dozens of local support groups" across USA - 1/2010

"2 International Missions conventions" Hungary, Thailand - 1/2010


12 other titles

contact diana@dianawaring.com or phone 425-397-0631

Actively ENGAGE Learning & Actually ENJOY Learning! –

One of the biggest questions people ask is, "How do I get my kids to finish their school work?" The deeper question is actually, "How do I get my kids to be self-motivated?" We will examine the answers to these critical questions, and look at specific ways to encourage and assist our children in developing ownership of their education. We must learn the critical difference between controlling and directing; between pushing and releasing; between coercing and facilitating. It is the essence of a master teacher who says, "I can not teach you how to do it, but I can help you learn to do it." This is an interactive and practical workshop that you can put to use immediately!

Beyond Survival – this one is personalized for the audience each time it is presented

Join Diana as she shares a very transparent description of the beginning days in her homeschooling, including the struggles and failures she experienced as she unsuccessfully tried to create school at home. Learn how she went from "barely surviving" to finding great joy on the journey with her children, and discover the practical and spiritual insights which will allow you and your own family to thrive in homeschooling. Remember, Diana brings not just theory but in-the-trenches experience with her own children for over twenty years, as well as insights gleaned from homeschooling families around the world.

Box Free Living –

Rather than raising children to follow formulas, let us teach them using the principles of discipleship, and then have them "follow me as I follow Christ." And, rather than trying to force your home schooling to look like someone else's, let's learn to hear from the Lord just what is best for your own family. Instead of falling victim to preconceived judgments, from ourselves or from others, let's learn to find God's way for us in this home schooling journey.

Not Just Your Average Genius –

In this fast-paced, easy-to-understand workshop, you will distinguish three different grids that impact the unique way each one in your family learns: learning modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic); learning styles (Feeler, Thinker, Sensor, Intuitor); learning intelligences (interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, math-logical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, naturalist). Discover how to honor (not curse!) that wiggler in your midst; how to create a rich atmosphere for learning that will attract every learner; how to utilize your children's strengths to learn subjects that are hard for them; most importantly, learn that God delights in the incredibly individualized mechanisms for learning inside each of us! With this insight, including new research on intelligences, you will be able to adapt your teaching strategies AND choose your curriculum wisely.

Raising World Changers -

Home schooling produces well-equipped, well-prepared young people. We work hard at developing character, choosing the best school courses, protecting their hearts, and preparing them for leadership. Now, let's prepare them for the amazing adventure of bringing the Lordship of Jesus into every sphere of life. This workshop offers practical and Biblical means for accomplishing the task

The Well-Kept Secret of a Biblical Education -

The Bible is our plumb line, our standard of knowing truth. Most Christians intrinsically understand that it is radically different than what our culture tells us, but how much have the prevailing culture and our own school experiences influenced our views on education, even in homeschooling? This powerful message, from an international speaker and twenty-plus-year veteran of homeschooling, will provide you with a foundational and scriptural framework for truly grasping and understanding education -- the content and the means -- from a Biblical perspective.


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world history curriculum

details coming or email diana@dianawaring.com

Answers in Genesis 2008

Reaping the Harvest

The Bounty of Abundant Life Homeschooling The real-life experience, joys, sorrows, and witty advice characteristic of all Diana's writing sparkle from cover to cover, bringing encouragement and wisdom. Diana will gently guide you through some of the "messiest" parts of raising your kids. Part One: "Till the Ground" by building relationships with your children — sometimes love is messy. Part Two: "Sow the Seed" in their hearts — even though sometimes learning is messy. Part Three: "Reap the Harvest" and realize the dream of the future — while life is messy, it's worth it.

Apologia 2001

Beyond Survival:

A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling gives you the preparation and working plan for a successful homeschooling experience. With confidence and compassionate humor, Diana Waring leads you on a joy-filled educational journey. This book offers practical help with the real questions of homeschooling and provides you with an extensive list of proven resources. Understand learning and teaching styles Survive your first homeschool convention Learn to teach art even if you can't draw a stick man Juggle multilevel teaching with ease

Apologia 1996