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Arthur Lightbody
Member since 02/2018
I retired as a member of Wycliffe Bible Translator recently. With my wife, I was a Bible translator in the Philippines. I also served in human resources and public relations roles for Wycliffe and the related SIL and JAARS organizations. I am interested in presenting the role of Scripture in Church Reformation history through my performances as John Wycliffe and William Tyndale primarily because of my belief that full development and use of the mother tongue is essential for spiritual growth and in personal and community development in other areas as well. While serving in international relations for SIL International, I met with an ambassador to the U.S. from a Pacific island nation and he told how important documentation and use of native languages was to him. He told me, “Language is who we are as people!” I believe also that Scripture in the mother tongue is essential to hearing the Gospel of salvation and to discipleship. I took as many theater courses as an undergraduate student at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota, under William Kimes as I could, sandwiched around my major in sociology. Now I finally get to feed and grow this love for story by taking on other’s stories as my own!

My Mission Statement

1. I wish to see a new generation involved in researching under-developed languages and engaging in Scripture translation in that context. 2. Through educating and encouraging others with self-examination through my one-man theatrical performances and talks I hope listeners can be challenged both concerning the place of Scripture in their lives and to grow in service to Him. http://www.arthurlightbodyproductions.com/


$125 for one 30 minute performance if in the Charlotte NC area. $200-$300 if I have more driving. Or I will simply accept a love offering. I prefer opportunities in the Southeastern USA, but am available when in S. California, Dallas,Texas and Minn/St. Paul visiting family.

Past Engagements/Seminars

"Many past engagements" http://www.arthurlightbodyproductions.com/reviews--history.html - 1/2017


Historical characters

Three one-man shows: "Daybreak" - John Wycliffe "The Story of William Tyndale" "Andrew Jackson, The Last Years" (Which includes his testimony of a late repentance. Abraham Lincoln speech on life and events leading up to the Gettysburg Address and a reciting of the Gettysburg Address


Bible Translation Experiences

Personal stories on my Bible translation experiences available by request.