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Stephanie Jackson
Member since 09/2014
Stephanie, and husband Jeff, are parents of five amazing children and have been homeschooling since 1998. Spanning the field from elementary through post-secondary, Stephanie shares a wealth of experiences - both successes and failures - and laces them all with practical wisdom and a large dose of humility. As executive director of Nova Scotia's provincial group, HEMS:helping encouraging mentoring serving, Stephanie has had many opportunities to reach the hearts of homeschoolers and she has a passion to encourage others on their homeschool journey. Stephanie's first book, Love the Journey, is a daily devotional for moms and focuses on God's faithfulness in the everyday of parenting and homeschooling.

My Mission Statement

It is my fervent desire to minister to other families in terms of helping, encouraging, mentoring and serving (hence the name of our provincial group). Over our years of homeschooling, it has been my privilege to receive encouragement and wisdom from those who have gone before me. I have survived much trial and error and have been blessed by our children and their successes, both academic & personal. I would like to share my insights and experience with those coming along after me in order to help equip them to persevere on this incredible journey.




Alternatives to Workbooks for Teaching English

Does that dry, dusty textbook inspire apathy in your homeschool? Do you dread diagramming yet another sentence? Join Stephanie as she shares some of the practical activities her family has used to keep learning language arts fresh and fun.

Avoiding Burnout

Dark dreary days overhung with fatigue and discouragement? A schedule bursting at the seems? Multiple children at multiple ages and a spouse who wants to come home to a clean house and a meal? You are not alone! Take a look at the catalysts that are propelling your homeschool forward and consider how they are shaping your homeschool.

Homeschooling High School

You've made it this far but High School is different...isn't it? Discover how homeschooling high school can be one of the most rewarding stages of your homeschool journey. Course selection, transcripts, schedules, post-secondary; the learning curve may be steep but it's worth the climb.

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

Babies through graduates: homes with multiple ages have multiple issues. Strategies to meet the needs of each child while encouraging academics and personal growth as well as amazing sibling relationships and positive mental health for mom are the highlights of this session.

Portfolios & Transcripts

"It's time to apply for post-secondary but I don't have an 'official' transcript. What should I do?" Join Stephanie as she outlines how to build a portfolio, record keeping, preparing for interviews and the importance of a well rounded application. It's easier than you think.

Working Together

Does it ever seem that you and your spouse want the same things but are trying to achieve them in totally different ways? In this lighthearted but sincere session, Stephanie and her husband, Jeff, share some of the struggles they've had learning to communicate and set goals together. It's not always pretty but it gets better with time.


Homeschool Horizons Bloggers

Following in the footsteps of the print magazine, Homeschool Horizons Bloggers is a resource developed by homeschoolers across Canada. Stephanie's recurring column is "Reaching the Heart of Each Child".


Love the Journey

Join me for a candid walk through the day by day of being a homeschool mum of five, wife, daughter and friend. Share my journey through ministry and the life lessons of growing for the LORD. Daily devotions addressing quirks, blooper, trials and triumphs...it doesn't get more real than this.

HEMS:helping encouraging mentoring serving 2012

Homeschool Horizons

Canada's premier homeschooling magazine written by Canadians for Canadians. Although in print for only a little more than a year, this magazine was a fantastic encouragement for homeschoolers. Stephanie's recurring column was called "Teachable Moments".

Homeschool Horizons 2011

The Homeschool Channel

Providing resources to equip and inspire your homeschool, Stephanie's blogs can be found here.


Under His Wings

Read around the world, this devotional blog is written as a means of reaching out to others who share the passion for growing Godly families.

HEMS:helping encouraging mentoring serving 2010